What is a Resource?

The Knovation Content Collection is composed of over 360,000 digital learning resources. These resources include videos, images, learning games, timelines, standards documents, and so much more.

You uncover these resources via the search function within the icurio application. When you perform a search from the home page in icurio, whether you use the keyword search box or the Subject Navigator, the result of your search will include several types of resources presented on a single page. Depending on the resources available on your topic, you will have available to you web content, images, standards results, and content partner results, all in a unified view. In addition, users who are registered as teachers will find a selection of standards results.

Example of Content Results Page:

icurio Unified Search Results Page

A. Content Results

Under the Content Results heading, you will find the first six titles and brief descriptions of web content associated with your search. To view more web content results, click either the link that identifies the total number of web results available, at the top of the list, or the View All  Learning Content Results link at the bottom of the list.

B. Image Results

If there are images associated with your search, you will find the first four images under the Image Results heading. To view more image results, click the  link below the images.

C. Standards Results

Your default Standards choice will be listed at the top of the Standards Result set, e.g. Ohio Standards Results as in the illustration above. If there are standards from your default entity associated with your search and the academic level from which you made the search, you will find the first four standards listed here. Click on the individual standard to see its  complete text, its taxonomy within the standards document, and resources aligned with that specific standard. To view more standards results, click either the link that identifies the total number of standards results available, at the top of the list, or the View More Standards link at the bottom of the list.

D. Content Partner Results

icurio has partnered with market-leading digital content publishers offering you the opportunity to add additional content and tools to your icurio subscription including digital content for teaching all K-12 curriculum subjects, including STEM and 21st century skills. When you subscribe to icurio, you will need to take a couple of steps to ensure that these integrations are working properly.

You can view any of these results – websites, images, standards, or content partner results – simply by clicking on them.

Saving a Resource

You can also SAVE web results directly from the Content Results page. First, click on the Learning Content Results link at the top of the Content Results section. This will move you from the unified Content Results page to a page which offers only the web content results.

Example of Learning Content Results link:


The new screen will show the titles and descriptions of web resources, along with more detailed information about that resource. Learn more about those details at Content Details. You will also find a Save button next to each title. This button allows you to save a particular resource into any of your My Content folders.

Example of Save button:


This is one of two ways to save resources in icurio. The other method, which use a link on the Web Resource page, is described on the My Content help page. In both cases, you can determine where within your My Content portfolio you would like to save the resource.

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