Voting on Content

icurio values the experience of our users and would like you to share your responses to individual resources that you find in your Learning Content Results. Our Voting feature allows you to do just that.

When you access a resource from a Learning Content Result, it will open in a frame that provides you access to a variety of features. One of these features, at the right of the frame, is Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down voting. You will see two buttons which allow you to vote. Your vote will be added to the votes of other users, based on your user role (Student or Teacher/Admin), and will help to determine where that resource appears when other users
sort their Search Results.

Voting Buttons Screen Shot

To vote on a resource, simply click on your choice of Thumb Up (Like) or Thumb Down (Dislike). User votes will be accumulated and the resulting recommendations will be indicated in future search results which include that resource.

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