Viewing a Result

Every time you search in icurio, whether you use a keyword, the Subject Channel, the Literacy Channel, Themes Channel or any other kind of search, icurio ultimately delivers a Learning Content Result page that provides information about and links to resources that match your search.

To view a resource, click one of the links on the Result page.

The resource opens in a new window in one of two ways:

  1. Within a frame that allows you to use the TextHelp features on text from the resource if you choose to do so. Buttons in the frame also allow you to vote on the usefulness and value of the resource, which will provide additional information to other icurio users on the value of the page, beyond the icurio Educator/Evaluator appraisal.

Example of Resource Frame:

  Resource Frame Items Screen Shot

The top portion of the page is now the icurio frame around the resource. It provides the means to use a variety of icurio tools. These include:

(A) Copy Link – icurio’s link to the resource

(B) Copy URL for Citation

(C) Save button, to save the web resource in My Content

(D) and (E) the Voting buttons

(F) Report a Problem

(G) Texthelp button

(H) Share to Classroom button

– This icon only appears for teachers or students whose school or district has already integrated its icurio subscription with Google Classroom. If that integration has taken place, those teachers or students will be able to share a resource found in icurio directly into their Google Classroom.
Note: For information about integrating your icurio subscription with Google Classroom, please contact your icurio account manager.

Below the icurio frame is the resource. If there are internal links on the site, that is, if links on the site move you to other places within the same site, the URL or web address in the Copy URL box (A) will change to show the new link. If there are external links on the site,
that is, if links on the site move you to other websites, or if the web resource has its own frames, the URL in the Copy URL box will not change.

2. Without a frame. In some cases, resources will cause the icurio frame to “break” – meaning those resource providers did not wish for their content to have something else wrapped around it and coded it to not launch within another piece of content. In these cases, you do not have access to some tools like TextHelp, voting, the Save button or being able to report a problem for that resource. For resources without a frame, you are able to save using the full results page and the save selection box that can initiate the save process.  You are also able to report an issue for an individual resource without a frame by utilizing the Report A Problem button inside the  Content Details view for that result.

If your search resulted in more than one page of results, use the page number buttons links at the bottom of the Result page to move from page to page.

Example of Page Links:

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