The Themes Channel

icurio’s Themes Channel offers Playlists, tools and content organized around cross-curricular themes and resources to support teaching thematically in the classroom. To access these Playlists and resources, click on the Themes Channel button on your home page.

Example of Accessing Themes

Themes Channel Page screenshot

The Themes Channel is designed to provide multiple options for thematic instruction in the classroom. Thematic instruction is the organization of a curriculum around macro “themes.” Using themes in teaching can help to integrate core subject areas like reading, math and science under the focus of a broad subject, such as communities, rainforests, courage, women’s history, etc.

Discovering icurio Themes results

  • Timeline Builder
    Timeline Builder provides a chronological index of eras, events, arts and innovations, and famous people throughout history. Zoom into a specific period of history, compare and contrast major innovations across continents, or layer artistic works onto periods of history. icurio gives users the power to view history piece by interactive piece. Learn more
  • Famous Person Finder
    Using the Famous Person Finder, you can quickly and easily locate information about well-known people, including political leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, writers, and more.
    Learn more
  • By Academic Level (Elementary, Middle, High)
    icurio offers Themes Playlists for all Academic Levels, not just for traditionally thematic instruction focused groups like early and regular elementary grades. Clicking on the Themes Channel in your default Academic Level will take you to Playlists that are leveled for the group of grades you have set as your account preference. To change the Academic Level and the related Playlists, simply toggle to a different Academic Level in the top icurio navigation bar on the Discover page.

    Grade Level Toggle Screen Shot

  • Content Across Curriculum from One Theme Playlist
    Launching a Themes Playlist provides content across several subject and topic areas, otherwise it would not be considered a theme. To filter the Playlist content specifically to once content area, utilize the View By Topic section in the Show & Personalize bar on the left-hand navigation area of your Playlist results. Select one of the visible topics or click the More button to see the complete set of topics covered by the Themes Playlist.
  • Content with Different Learning Resource Types in a Playlist
    Launching a Themes Playlist also provides content from multiple learning resource types – especially helpful after you have narrowed your results by Topic. To see content from specific learning resource types in the Playlist, utilize sections in the Show & Personalize bar on the left-hand navigation area of your results. Refine your results for one or many different types of resources.

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