The icurio External Tool

Example of the External Tool launch icon in the rich text editor

The External Tool can be utilized in many different places within your LMS. In Canvas, the external tool may be used to add resources to a Module, Page, Assignment, Announcement, Discussion or Syllabus.

View a video overview of the External Tool.

Select External Tool from the drop-down field labeled Add. Select icurio from the list of tools. The same External Tool is launched when you utilize the rich text editor in functions like Pages in Canvas. You will see the icurio icon in the toolbar or the drop-down list if your organization has many different external tools installed for users.

When you first launch the icurio External Tool you will be asked to provide some additional information about your organization, grade level(s) and subject area(s) that you teach. These preferences will narrow your focus, and will let icurio know which standards you care about most.

Once you have set your preferences, you will see the External Tool dialog box – this will be the default view. In the External Tool dialog box, you can choose from several actions…

  1. Enter a keyword, phrase or standard code to find a resource or a set of standards.
  2. Browse/search the standards set in your standards profile to find aligned resources.
  3. Select an area of saved resources from the Content location boxes.
  4. Go to the full icurio application by clicking the link at the bottom.

A. Keyword Searching in the icurio External Tool

Example of Keyword search in the External Tool.

To quickly find content to enrich your course or standards aligned content, utilize the first section of the External Tool to perform a keyword search.

Caption Placeholder

Note that when you begin your keyword entry, a list of suggested results starts to appear below the keyword box. To generate a result of learning content, simply continue typing your keyword or select one from the list. By typing the text from the standard number, or a concept included in its description, icurio will quickly present you with your standard.

Example of Refinement Options in the External Tool.

Once you have a results list, you are able to refine for content types and other characteristics using the refinement menu in the top left corner of the results under the stacked lines menu icon
( ).

In addition to academic level, readability level, language, and learning resource type, icurio now offers a broader selection of publishers for refinement. Learn more about content providers.

Click on a resource to preview it, or click the Embed button to add the resource to your course.

In order to be able to quickly understand the search results you see in the external tool, you may want to become familiar with the following icons and what they indicate about content in your results.

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arts
  •  World Languages
  • Health & Fitness
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Current Events
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Technology
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Teacher Resources
  • English Language Learners

B. Standards Keyword Results or Standards Browse in the External Tool

Caption Placeholder

Once you select the standard that you’re teaching, icurio will return a teacher recommended set of resources that you can embed in your course. We’re now offering teacher recommended resources for most Math and English Language Arts (ELA) standards, and will soon offer these resources for more standards, including broader coverage for Math and ELA, and also Science.

Example of Standards search in the External Tool.

Or you can BROWSE to standards-aligned content results using the second section of the icurio External Tool.

Make sure your default standards match the ones you are utilizing the most often for instruction – if not, you may update your standards profile by utilizing the link (*).

Example of the secondary set of Standards results in the External Tool.

Select the standards document you want to find aligned content for, then continue to drill down to browse aligned content.

Example of the next level of Standards navigation in the External Tool.

Once you drill down into a standards set, you will start to see a breadcrumb trail showing the path you navigated so you can easily navigate your way back to other relevant standards sets. Keep drilling down to get to aligned resources.

You can then select Embed to add the resource to your course. Note that there are several icons describing the resources in the results. Hover over the icon to learn more. Once you have embedded a source, the External Tool window will close and you will be back at your course screen.

C. Embed Curated Resources from icurio’s My Content Folders

Caption placeholder

Select the location in My Content you would like to start to locate a folder of resources to embed into your course. You can embed content from any My Content folder you have permission to view. This means you can select folders from your My School, My District or even the global Curios folders to embed in your course.

D. Open the full icurio application

The full icurio application provides access to additional search and browse tools, letting you look at content that is based on thematic areas, curriculum initiatives, teacher tools, famous people or even timelines. There are no embed options for the content you may find in the full icurio application from your LMS External Tool.

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