Teaching Profession Channel

icurio is loaded with resources and tools curated especially with teachers in mind. These include links to national teacher associations, education news sources, professional development, classroom resources, and state and provincial educational resources, as well as many other helpful sites for educators. The Teaching Profession Channel is located below the left-hand Standards quick access box on your icurio homepage.

Specific teacher resources may vary depending on whether you access the Channel from the Elementary, Middle or High Academic Level of icurio. The Playlists’ resources have been chosen for their usefulness to teachers of that Academic Level.

Example of Accessing the Teaching Profession Channel


Continue to Drill Down

Drill down by clicking the Playlist that most closely relates to your area of interest. Continue to click topics and sub-topics, drilling down until you reach the specific type of content you are looking for.

A “bread crumb” trail of the topics you select, called a taxonomy string, is displayed at the top of the page. To return to a broader topic area, click the corresponding link within the taxonomy string.

Getting Resources

As you drill down from topic to subtopic, you will find a list of resources directly related to your selection on the right side frame of the page. At this point, you can click on one of the titles in the list to go to a resource.

The Teaching Profession Channel also includes links to the 21st Century Skills Playlists. 21st Century Skills embrace a wide variety of skills which teachers consider important for future-ready learners to master. As teachers and students focus more deliberately on developing these attributes, icurio makes sure to have lots of learning content to support them. These resources are generally categorized as:

Life Skills Playlist

Life and career skills encompass a wide range of character traits that are valued both in personal relationships and in the workplace. Teachers have always taught “character skills” by example. The difference in teaching these as 21st Century Skills is in making them a deliberate part of lessons and helping students see how the development of these character traits will serve them well in the world of work.

Learning and Innovation Playlist

Learning and innovation skills are those skill which lifelong learners have developed – the ability to think bot critically and creatively, to collaborate with others to create projects and solve problems,  and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Information & Communications Technology Literacy Playlist

Information and communications technology literacy (ICT), also called digital literacy, is the ability to use technology as a tool to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills. Major areas of ICT literacy include information and media literacies, knowing effective ways to find, synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information from all types of media.

If you are interested in more information about the national focus on the development of 21st century skills, you may find this link to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills particularly helpful: http://www.p21.org.

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