Teacher Recommended Resources for Standards

Teacher Recommended resources are first evaluated using our quality rubric to assure relevance, appropriateness, and value of the resources. Next, teacher curators review and hand-select resources they know work in their classrooms and feel confident would work in other teachers’ classrooms that specifically align to the respective academic standard.

In curating this Collection, our teacher curators considered different learning styles and the reasons why teachers use digital content. These teacher curators have done everything in their power to locate, evaluate, and align reliable content that is openly available and meets expectations of quality.

Teachers can expect the Teacher Recommended Collection to meet certain scale requirements – 6-10 digital resources per education standard. As well, resources in the Teacher Recommended Collection represent:

  1. A broad range of digital content publishers
  2. A diversity of learning resource types (video, audio, interactive media, etc.)
  3. Resources both for practice and instruction
  4. Resources that appropriately span complexity/readability ranges

Additionally, advanced technology is utilized to continuously monitor and maintain Teacher Recommended Collections resources giving teachers comfort that resources are available and appropriate at the point of instruction.

           In the icurio application you are able to access learning resources that have been closely aligned by educators and recommended for use in the classroom. Once you have located and selected the particular learning standard you are addressing with your learners recommended results will display. These are identified by a small icon beside each resource’s title and are listed first in the set of results for a learning objective.

Example of Teacher Recommended Resources in icurio

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