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The Standards feature is available only to those icurio users who are registered as teachers and/or admins.

icurio partners with Academic Benchmarks, a market-leading company that specializes in academic standards resource alignment. Working together, we have developed a comprehensive, state of the art alignment process that utilizes both human review and sophisticated proprietary automated techniques, allowing us to deliver standards-correlated resources that support your state standards to the benchmark/learning outcome level.

icurio provides easy access to Standards for all states, as well as the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) . The state in which your school organization exists is your default state as an icurio teacher user or administrator user.

You can access your Standards from several points throughout icurio.

A. Standards Tab

The Standards Tab appears at the top of every icurio page. Click it to go to the Standards section for your state.

Example of Standards Tab

B. Standards Box

The Standards Box appears on the Teacher home page. The Standards box displays up to four standards documents for your default state. Click on any link to go to that specific standards document, which you can drill down to see the specific standards you are interested in, or click the Search Standards link to go to the entire offering of standards.

Example of Standards Box

C. On a Content Results Page

When you perform a keyword search, if that keyword also appears in your Standards, you will find a list of up to four standards for your academic level. You can click a specific standard to find more resources aligned with that standard. This box of standards also provides links to additional standards with that keyword, if available.

Example of Standards on Content Result Page

You will also find a link to your Standards in the sidebar on the left of each icurio Keyword Search page. This link takes you to the list of standards from your state and academic level which contain your keyword.

Example of Standards in Sidebar

Whichever type of search you use, your search will result in a list of grade-, subject-, and detail-specific standards to choose from. Aligned content results may include general information on the subject, lesson plans, student practice and other information a teacher might find useful in teaching, reviewing, assessing, or remediating.

Although each of these methods of accessing standards takes you to standards for the state where your school organization is, you may access the standards for any other state or province simply by choosing the radio button next to that state/province in the State drop-down menu.

Example of Standards Choices

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