Report a Problem

Because the Internet is a dynamic environment, digital content that is live one day may be unavailable the next. At any given time, hundreds of brand new pieces of digital content are created, and many older pieces go “dead.” This pool of unavailable content leads to common “page not found” errors that can be very frustrating.

icurio has developed a sophisticated system to weed out unavailable content from its Content Collection. This content management process involves both automation and human review. Although it is impossible to guarantee perfection, icurio places a very high priority on delivering quality results, every time.

Occasionally, a user finds content that has gone dead so recently that our process hasn’t yet caught it. If that happens, users can report the content using the “Report a Problem” button found in the Content Details for each resource. There is also a Report a Problem button at the top of the page when you access a piece of content.

In addition, icurio provides a tool through which our users can report other problems with results. When such a report is made, the icurio staff will take the appropriate action of removing or correcting the related content or result.

Follow these steps to report a problem:

  • Click on “View Content Details”

At the bottom of each result description, you will find “View Content Details.”

Example of the Content Detail:

  •  Click on “Report a Problem”

At the bottom of the Content Details window, click on the Report a Problem button, which will open a new window with a reporting form.

Example of Report a Problem button:


  • Fill Out the Form

Note that the title of the resource that you tried to access is already listed on the form. You will be asked to identify the type of problem you encountered. Click on the button next to the statement that best describes the problem you encountered.


You may also add a brief comment in the “Additional Comments” box if you feel the problem needs further explanation. When you click , you will be taken back to the Content Detail window.

If you have other types of feedback, such as content you’d like to see added, or other ideas for icurio, please use the Contact Us button that is found in the footer on every icurio page.

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