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icurio gives you the ability to personalize your web content by narrowing your search or Playlist results to specific types of content. When a learning content result list contains resources that have more than one form of content, icurio provides menus on the left side of the result page.

These menus make it possible for you to narrow your results by choosing any of the available options. Do you need quotations by or about Abraham Lincoln or a map of South America? The Show & Personalize menus make it easy to find resources within your result that include what you are looking for.

Example of Show & Personalize Menus:

View by Topics Refinement Menu

The Topics Refinement Menu is one of the Show & Personalize menus and it functions a bit differently from the other menus. icurio seamlessly integrates our curricular taxonomy with our Content Results pages. With the View by Topic refinement menu, students and teachers can take full advantage of the curricular taxonomy within the Learning Content Result page. It combines the speed of a keyword search and the power of the Subjects Channel. Whenever you enter a keyword and receive a set of results, the View by Topic menu allows you to see the subject and topic areas that contain those resources. Click on a subject or topic to refine your result set. In the following example, the original keyword search is for “element.”

Example of View by Topic Refinement Menu:


You can continue drilling down through a subject and get an increasingly more precise set of results, just as you can do with a Subject Channel search. The difference is that in the topics Refinement, you have already limited your search by a keyword before you begin to drill down through a topic.

Example of Drilling Through Topics with the keyword “elements“:


At each step, you will receive learning content results based on your choice. If you find you have narrowed your topic too much, you can just “march” back up the list to broaden your result.

The Show & Personalize Menus can be used individually or in conjunction with one another. Except in the View by Topic menu, you can choose any, all or none of the active choices in a menu. To expand a specific menu, click on the menu name. To choose a type of refinement once a menu is open, click on the checkbox next to it. Result refinement choices only include those that are available in the set of resources that compromise the learning content results. When you have chosen all the refinements you want, click on Narrow Results button at the bottom of the list. You can make selections from all of the menus at once if you choose.

If you choose more than one type of refinement in a single category, your results include all resources from your original search which include any one or more of those choices. For example, if you choose Bibliographies and Lesson Plans from the Learning Aids menu, your result will show all resources from your original search which have EITHER bibliographies OR lesson plans. Of course, some resources may have both.

If you choose refinements from more than one menu, your result will include all resources from your original search which include your chosen results from both menus. For example, if you choose Learning Exercises from the Learning Aids menu and Interactive Media from the Multimedia menu, your final result will show all resources from your original search which have BOTH learning exercises AND interactive media. As you can see, this allows for a great deal of flexibility in the refinement process as you can choose multiple refinements from individual menus AND choose refinements from multiple menus, combining the EITHER/OR results from individual menus with BOTH/AND results from multiple menus.

Example of Show & Personalize Menus:

Don’t forget to click the Narrow Results button after you have made all your choices. If you want to return to your original result set, just click Reset.

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