Literacy Support Tools on Mobile Devices

icurio is compatible for use on mobile devices. These devices often utilize a default browser with less features than a full version browser for a desktop or laptop machine. Because a mobile browser on a mobile device controls how content is displayed/enabled, icurio may behave differently when being viewed on different mobile devices.

One important difference in using icurio on a mobile device is that the literacy support tools available with icurio resources may fail to initiate or function properly within a mobile browser experience. Depending on the complexity and different technologies enabled in the icurio content, the experience using the icurio literacy support tools may vary on a mobile device and should be previewed before using with students.

The Google Chromebook does not natively support the sound file format currently used for the Read Aloud feature within the icurio Texthelp tool. However, you are able to add the functionality of the Read Aloud feature by adding the SpeakIt! extension from the Chrome Web Store. Additional information about using icurio with the Google Chromebook can be found in our guide Make the Most of icurio on Your Chromebook.

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