Interactive Orientation Guide

The guide below will provide you with a brief orientation on using icurio’s digital content and tools. Clicking on the marked points near features will display a name and description of the feature.

Support Center, Timeline Builder and Famous Person Finder
Select the Support Center for support resources. Select Timeline Builder for timeline resources. Select Famous Person Finder for famous person playlists.
Teaching Profession Channel
Access links to educator focused resources and tools to extend learning.
Themes Channel
Cross-curricular and thematic based playlists to support learning connections and interest based or problem based learning.
Literacy Channel
Access playlists and resources that support all areas of literacy, including skill building and supporting specific populations such as English Language Learners.
Subjects Channel
Explore subjects, topics and sub-topics to find additional content on a variety of concepts.
Daily Content Gem
The icurio editors highlight some of the best content in the icurio collection each weekday.
Type a keyword or phrase describing the concept or topic you are looking for, and then click Search to review digital learning content results. Clicking More Search Options allows you to refine your search using a variety of specific criteria, including readability, subject, type of source, multimedia or learning aid.
User Menu
Provides access to your profile and preferences. Use these options to set your default academic level, standard sets, language and more. Clicking the question mark will take you to a searchable directory with additional details about icurio's content, features and tools.
My Content Tab
Select this tab to access, organize, and share saved content.
Discover Tab
Select this tab to return to the homepage.
Standards Tab
Select this tab to search for content by standards.
View as Student
Provides teachers with the ability to view icurio from the context of a student.
Academic Level
Toggle Select a different level to change the selection of content and standards for your current icurio session. To permanently make a change in academic levels, update your preferences in the User Menu.

Discover Content (icurio Home Page)

Discover the resources you want or need in manner that best suits your personal interests and style.

Personalize Your Learning
Select one or more of the options and click Narrow Results to identify content meets your specific teaching and learning needs. Click on the plus or minus icon next to each category to expand or collapse the list of choices.
With the Topics Refinement Menu, students and teachers can take full advantage of the curricular taxonomy with the Learning Content Result page. Whenever you enter a keyword or phrase and receive a set of results, the Topic Refinement Menu allows you to see the subject areas that contain those resources. Click on a subject or sub-topic to narrow your results.
All Results
Select All Results to display all content types available for your search keyword or phrase, including Learning Content, Images, and Standards. Narrow your results by clicking on a specific content type.

Content Results

Explore a variety of content in your results, whether you search by keyword, use the Subjects Channel, Literacy Channel or access playlists from the Themes Channel.

Literacy Support Toolbar - Text to Speech
Highlight text (a word, words, paragraphs) and then click to hear the text spoken. Select the speed and the voice that best suits your learning needs.
Literacy Support Toolbar - Translation
Highlight text - a word, words or paragraphs, then click on the translate button. The text will be translated into the preferred language. Clicking the speaker on the translated text window will read the text aloud in the preferred language.
Literacy Support Toolbar - Dictionary
Highlight a word and then click on the talking dictionary button or picture dictionary button.
Literacy Support Tools
Toggle "on" to open the literacy support toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
Save to Google Classroom
Click this button to save this learning resource directly to Google Classroom.
Report a Problem
Click this button to send our Content Team a quick note on issues you may be experiencing with this learning resource.
Voting Tool
The vote on a resource, click on Like or Dislike. Votes are accumulated and the results are indicated in the search results as a recommendation with the blue Student Recommended icon and the red Teacher Recommended icon.

Save Button
Click here to save the resource to your My Content folders. Return to this resource by accessing your My Content area through the My Content tab.

Copy URL for Citation Button
To cite a resource, click here to copy the URL to your computer's clipboard. Then paste to place this URL into a bibliography or works cited document.
Copy Link Button
To refer to this icurio resource in the future, click here to copy the icurio URL to your computer's clipboard. Then paste to place this URL into an icurio folder, or your LMS.

Using icurio Content

When you select a resource from the content results page, it will open in a new tab or window. Once open, you have access to support and curation tools wrapped around that resource.

My Content

Navigate through My Content to access and use your saved resources.

View Folder Contents
Select a website, template, or folder title to see its contents or description in the next pane to the right.
Add Folder
Select Add Folder to create a folder to organize your digital content.
Add Passcode Folder
Select Add Passcode Folder to create a folder accessible only to those who have a special passcode that you will create.
Enter Passcode
Select Enter Passcode to enter a passcode and access a protected Passcode Folder.
My Content Tabs
Easily switch between the My Content, My School, My District or Curios tabs to access content saved or shared in each of these areas.
Share Folder Function
Select the Share feature to share content using a Shareable Link, Email or Bookmark.
Shareable Link
To share a folder and its contents with a link, use the Shareable Link option. To preview the folder and contents you will share, click the orange eye icon.
Top-Level Gear
Any gear icon next to the top-level or second-level folders will access tools to add a folder, template, external website to the selected folder or to share content.
Open Resource
Click Open Resource to launch the saved resource.
Secondary Gear Functions
Select the gear next to a folder to add a new folder, template or external website within that folder, or to edit the name and description for existing folders, templates or websites. Use the Share function to email a link to your folder to another subscriber.
Copy, Move and Delete Functions
After selecting a folder, template or website, Copy, Move or Delete it from My Content.
Copy, Move and Delete Functions
Select a folder, template or website to Copy, Move or Delete it from My Content.
Top-Level Gear Functions
Select the top-level gear to add a folder, template or website to your main content area.

Manage Folders and Content

Create and manage folders and organize content for lesson plans and instruction.

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