Filtering Controversial Content

How do I remove Controversial sites from my search results?

There are two ways to remove sites which have been tagged as controversial from your search result.

Option 1 – Search Results Filter

You can remove Controversial content from your individual search result by using the More Search Options feature. Click on the More Search Options link which appears just below the Search button at the top of every page and select the option to “Filter out controversial material.”

Example of More Search Options Link:

Example of Controversial Material Filter:

Option 2 – Organization Filter

An icurio Administrator can filter controversial content in Admin Tools for all searches done by anyone within the organization. Only people who have been designated as icurio Administrators can use this process. To access Admin Tools, log in with your Administrative username and click on Admin Tools in the drop-down User Menu. If you are an Admin and need further information regarding filtering controversial content, please contact us. Keep in mind that filtering out controversial sites through Admin Tools removes them from all search results for all users, students, teachers and admins alike.

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