Famous Person

Using icurio’s Famous Person Finder, you can quickly and easily locate information about
well-known people, including political leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, writers, and more. The Famous Person Finder is accessible from the right side of the Discover home page.

Location of Famous Person Finder

Famous Person Finder enables you to focus your results to include only resources that contain information about the famous person of your choice.

  • Search by Name

When you click on the Famous Person tool, you will be taken to the Famous Person Search page. If you are looking for a specific famous person, you can enter the name in the Search box at the top of the page. The name you enter can be a full name, just a last name, or even just a first name. This will produce a list of Famous People who have that name.

  • Create a Famous Person List

Generate a list of famous people based on your own criteria. You can use any or all of the criteria types to filter your list. This type of Famous Person Search is useful if you want a list, for example, of 15th century mathematicians or 19th century American authors.

A. Use the blue Time Period sliders to choose a time span or specific date.

B. Place a check in each box that fits your requirements in the categories of Gender, Occupation/Profession, and/or Ethnic/Cultural Heritage. You may check more than one box in each category. You may also leave all boxes unchecked in a category.

Example of Creating a Famous Person List:

Your results will reflect which academic level in which you begin your search; e.g. if you search from the Elementary academic level, you will receive a result which contains only those resources which are available in the Elementary section of icurio.

Once you generate a list of famous people, you can click on any name on the list to get a Content Result page. If the name has a timeline icon (), you can also go directly go to a timeline that shows events and people from the time span of your famous person’s life.

If you wish, you can also save any of your Famous Person lists to your My Content portfolio by clicking on .

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