All Result Types

When you search for content in icurio, whether you search by keyword, use the Subjects Channel, or access resources from a timeline, you may receive a variety of content types in your results. If you choose, you can use links at the side of the page to limit the type of content you will see. The default choice is All Results, but you can choose to see only Learning Content or only Images. You can return to the default or choose any of the other types of content for your search at any time.

Examples of All Results:


If you change your Content View choice, your current search result will be changed AND future results will also reflect the new content type. Again, you can return to the default or choose another type at any time. (Note: The change in content type only persists during your current session. If you log out, then log in to icurio again, the Content View will return to the default All Results.)

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