Promote Access to icurio

Share the news about your icurio subscription and spread the word with resources to download, print, and distribute or email to students, parents, and staff. Parent Letter Template (or Spanish) – Use this template to share the excitement with your students’ parents. Teacher Letter Template – Use this template to […]


The Texthelp feature combines a text-to-speech function, access to a dictionary/picture dictionary, and translation tool. Texthelp can be used on any text within icurio, and for text on web resources accessed from any Search Result. Using a highlight-to-read approach, users simply highlight a passage of text using their mouse to […]

How Do I Suggest a Resource?

New websites are created every minute. We value your assistance in maintaining the most current database of educational websites. To send us your new website suggestions, click the Contact Us link in footer at the bottom of any icurio page, then fill in the appropriate information in the feedback form. […]

My School Filter is Blocking a Resource

icurio offers safe, academically relevant, educator reviewed resources. It is recommended that schools modify their content filter and “whitelist” any site with a referrer from the icurio and associated domains. The following domains must be allowed for proper icurio operation. * — icurio product * — Knovation authentication services * […]

Voting on Content

icurio values the experience of our users and would like you to share your responses to individual resources that you find in your Learning Content Results. Our Voting feature allows you to do just that. When you access a resource from a Learning Content Result, it will open in a […]


What is Readability? A readability score is a measure of the relative accessibility of written text usually reported as a numerical value keyed either to a grade level or to a point scale. It is usually calculated using a mathematical formula that considers features of a given text, such as […]

Advanced Search

icurio enables you to detail a search based on: curricular subject, source type (government, museums, non-profit organizations, etc.), rating, readability, multimedia type (audio, video, interactive, etc.), learning aids (formulas, maps, learning games, etc.), publishers, and language. With More Search Options, you can also filter out controversial sites and/or Wikipedia sites. […]

Standards Results

 The Standards feature is available only to those icurio users who are registered as teachers and/or admins. icurio partners with Academic Benchmarks, a market-leading company that specializes in academic standards resource alignment. Working together, we have developed a comprehensive, state of the art alignment process that utilizes both human review and sophisticated […]