Subject Navigation via the Subjects Channel

In icurio, learning resources are organized by school subjects. One way you can refine your search is by drilling down through subjects, topics and subtopics that best describe or define the concepts or subjects you are looking for. Use the Subjects Channel for this type of search. The Subjects Channel […]

Order of Results

icurio orders content results based on a proprietary algorithm that emphasizes relevance and quality. Relevance is determined primarily by matching keywords, keyword phrases, and site placement taxonomies. Ratings are an important factor in ordering results, but not the only factor. In fact, in icurio and with most search engines, relevancy […]

All Result Types

When you search for content in icurio, whether you search by keyword, use the Subjects Channel, or access resources from a timeline, you may receive a variety of content types in your results. If you choose, you can use links at the side of the page to limit the type […]

Content Details

Each item listed in a Content Result is accompanied by additional information beyond its title. The amount of information presented is different depending on the way you have chosen to receive your results. Initially when you perform a search, you will receive a Content Results page which will include a […]

The icurio External Tool

The External Tool can be utilized in many different places within your LMS. In Canvas, the external tool may be used to add resources to a Module, Page, Assignment, Announcement, Discussion or Syllabus. View a video overview of the External Tool. Select External Tool from the drop-down field labeled Add. […]

Student and Teacher Collaboration

Collaboration, flexibility, sharing and curating around digital learning resources is a crucial aspect to a successful transition to using these types of learning opportunities effectively in the classroom.  Within icurio there are several different approaches to working collaboratively with digital content for learners and educators.  

Teacher Recommended Resources for Standards

Teacher Recommended resources are first evaluated using our quality rubric to assure relevance, appropriateness, and value of the resources. Next, teacher curators review and hand-select resources they know work in their classrooms and feel confident would work in other teachers’ classrooms that specifically align to the respective academic standard. In […]

Interactive My Content Guide

Learn more about how icurio’s My Content features can help you create a robust repository of digital learning content that is important to you, your students, your colleagues and your school organization. The tools in My Content help to save, organize, manage and share important content you have curated from […]

Partner Content Providers

The Learning Resources Content Collection includes additional premium content providers that provide digital content for teaching all K-12 curriculum subjects, including STEM and 21st century skills. When you subscribe to icurio, you will need to take a couple of steps to ensure that some additional content collections are properly integrated. […]


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