The Themes Channel

icurio’s Themes Channel offers Playlists, tools and content organized around cross-curricular themes and resources to support teaching thematically in the classroom. To access these Playlists and resources, click on the Themes Channel button on your home page. The Themes Channel is designed to provide multiple options for thematic instruction in […]

Academic Levels

Depending on how you and/or your organization have registered as an icurio user, your home page will default to Elementary, Middle or High academic level. Choosing a different academic level will change the context of icurio to one that provides suitable websites for the selected grades. For example, if you […]

Discover Page for Teachers and Students

icurio is designed specifically to allow you to discover the resources you want or need in a manner that best suits your personal interests and style. First, you can utilize the standard keyword search with type ahead support.   You also have three dynamic Learning Content Channels to help you […]

Teaching Profession Channel

icurio is loaded with resources and tools curated especially with teachers in mind. These include links to national teacher associations, education news sources, professional development, classroom resources, and state and provincial educational resources, as well as many other helpful sites for educators. The Teaching Profession Channel is located below the […]

The Literacy Channel

icurio’s Literacy Channel is intended to comprehensively support ongoing literacy instruction in K-12 classrooms. The Channel Playlists address many common literacy approaches and challenges. To access these Playlists and learning resources, click on the Literacy Channel button on your home page. Module Six: Unit 1 – Full Application Browse: ELL […]

Timeline Builder

The Timeline Builder provides a chronological index of eras, events, arts and innovations, and famous people throughout history. Zoom into a specific period of history, compare and contrast major innovations across continents, or layer artistic works onto periods of history. icurio gives users the power to view history piece by […]

Famous Person

Using icurio’s Famous Person Finder, you can quickly and easily locate information about well-known people, including political leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, writers, and more. The Famous Person Finder is accessible from the right side of the Discover home page. Famous Person Finder enables you to focus your results to include […]


Check out content specific to certain approaches to learning… Or look for content specific to certain subject/topic areas… Find content to support certain hardware or technologies…

Viewing a Result

Every time you search in icurio, whether you use a keyword, the Subject Channel, the Literacy Channel, Themes Channel or any other kind of search, icurio ultimately delivers a Learning Content Result page that provides information about and links to resources that match your search. To view a resource, click […]

Narrow Your Results

icurio gives you the ability to personalize your web content by narrowing your search or Playlist results to specific types of content. When a learning content result list contains resources that have more than one form of content, icurio provides menus on the left side of the result page. These […]